Who is Jamie Clarke?

Jamie Clarke is a Canadian adventurer, author, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker. Based out of Calgary, Canada, Clarke has summited Mt. Everest twice, climbed the Seven Summits, and ridden camels across The Empty Quarter of Arabia.

Jamie is in high demand as an inspirational speaker. He speaks all over the world at conferences, corporate retreats, and professional associations. He is represented exclusively by Keppler Speakers. His tales of his four Mt. Everest expeditions, crossing the desert in Arabia, and overcoming adversity resonate with audiences of all kinds.

Real winning has nothing to do with beating someone else, crossing the finish line first, or standing on top. Winning isn't anything external. It is an internal satisfaction, a deep inner sense of pride and joy.   –Jamie Clarke

Clarke co-owns two adventure apparel retailers based out of Calgary, Alberta. The Out There Adventure Centre is a bricks and mortar shop on Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary. Live Out There.com is an online outdoor apparel store that serves all of Canada online.

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