Here are a selection of the many articles written about Jamie Clarke and his expeditions.

Mt. Everest

December 10, 1991: Climber broadcasts from Everest
January 16, 1994: Asthmatic climber undeterred by Everest statistics
April 15, 1994: The winds scream by at 150km/h, and that's just part of it
May 7, 1994: Everest's peak awaits Albertan
July 18, 1994: Alluring Everest
July 7, 1997: High Drama
July 1999: Impact Magazine
February 2010: The Super Suit
January 2011: O Magazine

The Empty Quarter

February 10, 1999: Humping it across the Arabian desert
February 26, 1999: Calgarians push into desert despite odds
March 13, 1999: Calgary trio conquer desert
March 15, 1999: Forty days in desert "fantastic"
March 19, 1999: Trek across the Empty Quarter
March 20, 1999: Calgarians show true grit with broiling desert trek
April 1999: Desert trek battle of man versus himself
May 14, 1999: Zayed lauds adventurers
July 2000: By camel across Arabia
April 7, 2001: "Many snakes, many snakes!"

Business & Speaking

February 1994: Mount Everest: The ultimate quest
March 2001: The power of passion

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